A year of code

I thought I’d do a bit of reflection and post a graph of my code commits over the last year at SoapBox.

I started 2013 in Africa with a Free the Children volunteer trip to Kenya. It was an amazing experience and really gave me a new perspective on life, especially life in the first world. So I didn’t push a line of code until January 9th.

The first quarter of the year at SoapBox, were heads down, wired in, pushing out a massive new section of SoapBox related to decision support. Then we moved right into building more social integrations (SharePoint and Yammer), building out the first version of our challenge mode, and configuring the application to work in a load balanced environment.

From Jan to August, I found myself working very hard in the business, and not so much on the business, due to the amount of work that had to get done.  You can clearly see a break moving into September, when my responsibilities shifted into HR, Product Management, and Product Visioning for the next version of our platform.  Moving into November/December of 2013, you can see my code commits drop to near zeros as I began to focus completely on roadmapping for the 2014 version of our products.

2013 was a great year at SoapBox, we pushed a lot of features, refined our development and deployment processes, strengthened our systems with a new load balanced environment and hired out more developers on the team.

I am extremely excited for 2014, we have a lot planned for the year, and I cannot wait for you all to see the amazing stuff we are working on.

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