The Breakup

( Recorded June 2003 ) Vocals/Guitar/Drums: Matthew Johnston 1st Guitar: Graham McCarthy 2nd Guitar: Byron Rexworthy Bass: Dan Caranci Produced at eMAC studios with Siegfreid Meier (London, ON Canada) 01 Diverse Attraction.mp3 02 Motion Picture Fairytale.mp3 03 Untitled.mp3

Adrian’s Revenge

  ( Recorded December 2001 ) Vocals/Guitar: Graham McCarthy Bass: Dan Caranci Lead Guitar: Neil Flink Drums: Blair Scorgie Produced at The Flying Disc Studios with Dave Ciccerelli(London, ON Canada) AR_arise.mp3 AR_nuclearSummer.mp3

Farhad and Graham

( Recorded April 2005 ) Guitar/Drums: Graham McCarthy Bass: Farhad Ali Khan Produced at a home studio (Toronto, ON Canada) Song1.mp3 Song2.mp3 RockSong.mp3 – Bass track also by Graham