Another year of code…

I wrote some code this year, but a lot less than any previous year. I started off in it for the first quarter which as the year went on became less and less. I spent most of my year putting in new Engineering and Product design processes at SoapBox. This year, I want to get back […]

Space Rocks 2.0 Launched!

In 2010, I launched an iPhone game called “Falling Space Rocks”. It was a fun project that I used to learn Objective C and go through the process of launching an iPhone app. A year later, I lost the source code and could no longer update the app. I recently found some of the game […]

A year of code

I thought I’d do a bit of reflection and post a graph of my code commits over the last year at SoapBox. I started 2013 in Africa with a Free the Children volunteer trip to Kenya. It was an amazing experience and really gave me a new perspective on life, especially life in the first world. So […]

wp-svbtle updates

I have had a few requests to share the personalizations I made to the  wp-svbtle wordpress theme. Well here they are!  I probably won’t commit them back to the main branch I forked from, but you are welcome to use them.  You can grab the theme from my github. The customizations Added 2 theme admin options […]

Operation: XBMC on my Nexus Q.

Step 1: Download all the developer tools that are required. This resource helped me with that: Basically, go to: and download the ADT bundle. Double Click on the Android unix exec file located in the screenshot i just took. You will probably have to CMD click on it to open it. An Android SDK manager will pop […]